We’re a podcast! Here’s a trailer:

You can find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play…all the main players. (We also have a Youtube Channel!)

So wait…Who are we?

We are two guys, sharing the conversation on all things men’s lifestyle. Under the banners of Fitness, Gaming, TV & Film and “Adulting” , we share our passions, knowledge and life experiences (as well as those from guest speakers) to help educate and revitalise the modern man.

Here’s a look at each of us:

James Rose

James is not from Australia, or New Zealand, or Lithuania…

James is a Personal Trainer, working at Onelife Fitness in downtown Kansas City. He moved from England in 2013 and loves writing, doing voiceover work and of course – podcasting! James works on another show as the host of “Who Kicked the Corner Flag?” – an English Premier League Quiz show.

Kalan Smith

Kalan still can’t get over being insulted by the Wii Fit. It told him he was fat.

Kalan is actually in the best shape of his life. As an active member of a local Crossfit gym, Kalan loves to workout on a regular basis. In his spare time, he kicks back with a bottle of Angry Orchard and plays Destiny! He’ll also host the occasional house party, complete with Cards Against Humanity!